e__e So an update..probably.

I AM SO INACTIVE ON HERE. I'm active on my youtube and messengers though haha. e__e I can't remeber if I ever posted my YT; http://www.youtube.com/inevitablenight

But I've been doing all my video editing & graphic design shiz. Microsoft.net FRAMEWORK is giving me problems lately though. So I have to work my ass off to get Vegas to get off the initializing screen. hah. But I DID discover thats its framework and not AC TUALLY VEGAS. I think Microsoft framework 3.5 is overriding and conflicting with 4 so maybe thats the problem? But I don't know how to uninstall it.


I've been really busy these past few days; I've been trying to work with my layout, but my HTML skills really suck right now. So I'm looking around for some kind of layout. I think I found one I'm satisfied with, I'll have to tweak it to my liking later. .___. I'm too tired to do it right now


Maybe I SHOULD post them?c: I'm actually kind of proud of them.

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                                                                 I think I've gotten caught up on Dengeki Daisy. I'm kind of obsessed
                                                                                          I was watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama; Still am actually, but Daisy is a way better Shoujo.
                                                          Kurosaki is a huge fool, but the story is so interesting that I can't help but stay hooked. [x 

                                                                                                         I have a few plans for MMVs.

You've been h e a d s h o t t e d.

So I've been watching Soul Eater tonight ;___; I think I'm definitely going to have to make an amv. Anyways, I'm switching servers on WoW cause of some drama shiz. I'm pretty happy about it actually, Change seems to be a good thing lately. 8'D

I was also playing LittleBigPlanet tonight with my friend, Rofl, it was hilarious. 8'D We were sticking flowers and Japanese decorations all over the world and the enemies. If I can upload the screenshots somehow, then I'll post for your amusement. :> Then we started playing Uncharted: Drakes' Fortune, I've gotten pretty good. I'm not normally too good at shooters, but I was headshotting left and right 8'D So I'm enjoying it, but now I'm in this dark cave and its got me on edge. DID I MENTION ITS 5AM AND I'M WATCHING ANIME?!8'D 

I'm actually multitasking between Music, Toradora, and Soul Eater.

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M a k a Sketch.

This Maka drawing that I'm working on is kind of depressing. I think I'm going to cry. I don't know how it came out like this. 

Must be from that story I wrote in my notebook. 
Will be uploading it shortly.
[The Story]

How h e a v e n l y.

So I haven't posted in a few days xD but alot has happened.

First; I wrote a page long Maka x Soul story in my notebook, I definitely think I'm going to piece together these things I randomly write into one story. I think a few of them would fit very well together, if I can add in the missing pieces. :] Speaking of which, I'm having a inspiration moment here. so I'll probably be posting more in a little while.

Anyways, yesterday, I went to the bookstore and electronics store.

I bought a 15 button mmo mouse cause I like my mmo's. 
I also bought the Aion Collector's Edition, Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to try it out due to I haven't set up my subscription yet. 

I went to the bookstore shortly afterwards, I only wanted Soul Eater though. I bought volume one and then I ran off to the magazine section to pick up Yen+, One of them had a Soul Eater cover. 8'D I was rather pleased! OH HEY, DOES ANYONE LIKE THE SCENT OF NEW MAGAZINES/BOOKS?D: Especially manga! 


Feeling i n s p i r e d. { Piccies < 3 }

I'm really satisfied with how these came out cause I'm not very good with art programs (I suck with Photoshop but I'm moderate with other programs), but yeah. I was playing around with Opencanvas today. I had alot of fun with it. I might try to draw a Soul and Maka picture soon. <3

Pic no.1 and 2; This picture and the second are edited from the original Magical GIrl Lyrical Nanoha drawing I had on my computer. I took a picture of it with my digital camera because at the time I didn't have a scanner. I have one now though :'D but the lineart with a mouse was kind of difficult, it was my first attempt at doing so. The program I was using I wasn't too famaliar with, so it was kind of experimental.

Pic no. 3; Is completely and utterly random, I just started drawing. Its alot like how I am with anything considered artistic... It just kind of comes to me while I'm doing it instead of thinking of it. xD; Like I have a scenario in mind, but it usually comes out vastly different than originally pictured. Better in fact! But if I don't have any inspiration, My writing and drawing is really really bad. D:

Anyways, on the Nanoha picture, I've often been told her neck/head looks kind of odd. I'm not very good when it comes to drawing head/neck D: Its one of the biggest difficulties I have for some reason. The second Nanoha pic, I didn't really fix up the background /is extremely tired. 

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Hey, sweet a n g e l. { SoulxMaka }

 Alright, I've got another SoulxMaka fanfiction.  I had the inspiration to write another one when I was doing homework surprisingly. xD SO I STARTED WRITING IT!

I'm really happy with how this one came out. Enjoy! 

Suddenly, she looked my way.

I knew I was in trouble, I prepared for Maka to hit me with her book, “I’m not going to hit you.” She awkwardly scratched her head while glancing away from me as I opened my eyes and looked at her “Stein is looking for you.”

A wave of relaxation ran over me, Its always so painful when she hits me. In more than one way… but she doesn’t know that.

I put my hands in my pockets, making my way to Professor Stein, I wondered what he could possibly want at a time like this. Maka followed closely behind, I guess he requested her presence as well. Closing my eyes again while slowly trekking down the hallway, I thought to myself of all the things I’ve ever wanted to do and how to get there.

“Soul, This way.” Maka pointed down another hallway, “The room we need to go into is at the end of this hallway.” She smiled at me and put her hands behind her back while walking side by side with me. There was such a feeling of… mystery yet nervousness.

I thought to myself, “This seems… very odd, She’s acting a little strange. Oh Well.” I smiled back at her. We’d finally arrived at the end of the hallway, I grabbed the door knob and opened it.

It was dark and not a soul in sight…. Suddenly…

She pushed me into the room, shut the door and leaped onto me. There was a look of desire in her eyes, my face turned red “Maka….?” I stuttered a bit because her face was slowly inching towards my lips. ‘Is she going to kiss me….?!’ was all I could think over and over and over.

Something I wrote l a s t n i g h t. { SoulxMaka }

Okay I don't know if its going to be any good cause it just kind of came to me out of no where and I just  typed what came to mind. xD So it might suck or it might be inspirational. Its not what I'd define as fanfiction, there's not really a story to it. It'd be better off as a drawing probably. D:

Feel free to comment <3 I won't hold anything against you if you critique!

Feels like I saw something on that late night when I sat next to you. I was hypnotized.
I guess I didn’t think much of it before then, You were holding back. It wasn’t obvious until then.

“Is there more to life than this?”
…are the words you spoke to me, I thought about it for what seemed like forever.

Alas, at that moment I just stood there frozen like a statue.
I wanted to take you by the soul and embrace you and whisper,

“I’m not letting you go away this time.”
What a rush.

That cage was eternal, or it felt to be so.

I could grab the bars of the eternal cage and scream with desire to be free but that wouldn’t give me escape, would it?


Walking down by the shimmering ocean, I wished I could walk on top of it. To feel the embrace of the water against my rough, beaten soul would be enough to ease my sense of confusion.


My soul shook at the arrival of that voice--her voice.

I turned around and looked her in the eyes, “What is it, Maka?” my response seemed kind of melancholic. She reached out to me without another word, Her eyes were simply stunning as she looked at me with what I hoped to be “Love.”

“Yeah.” I grabbed Maka’s hand, My mind had been made up. The gentle, relaxing waves of the Ocean rushed up on our feet. Soaking the sand beneath and around us…

I glanced at her one more time.
“Let’s go, Maka!”
I shouted as a feeling came over me, grasping her hand tighter and running deeper into this sea that overflowed. Swimming with her beside me, There was never a better feeling than this before. I’d been thinking this all along. We can do anything.